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This agreement is made between the Pty Ltd (ABN: 70 392 128 980) “Wagga Air Centre” and the Passenger.

Subject to confirmation from the carrier that the aircraft is available to carry out the services, Wagga Air Centre and the Passenger will be bound by these terms and conditions.

The relationship of the Wagga Air Centre and the Passenger is that of independent contractors and nothing in this agreement means or implies that the relationship between the parties is that of principal and agent, partners, employer or joint venturers.


Wagga Air Centre shall produce the carrier to provide the services to the passengers using the aircraft (or an equivalent substitute aircraft).

Wagga Air Centre represents and warrants that the carrier shall have an air operator’s certificate authorising the provision of the services by the carrier using the aircraft.

The charter shall ensure its passengers are at the departure location in sufficient time for the provision of the services.

Any change to the flight schedule requested by the charter and agreed by Wagga Air Centre and confirmed by the carrier, or arising from the delay of the charterer or its passengers, will incur a $150 rebooking fee payable to Wagga Air Centre.

The charter and its passengers shall comply with all relevant laws, codes and other instruments regulating air transport in the jurisdiction or jurisdictions in which the service is provided and the reasonable directions of the carrier and its flight-crew.

The charter shall assist the carrier to ensure that passengers comply with all customs, Police, Public Health and other laws, with respect to the entry or clearance of passengers, of states in which the aircraft shall land or from which it shall depart.

The charter acknowledges and accepts that the carrier may, in its absolute discretion (a) determine the preparation of the aircraft for flight, the load carries and its distribution, the route and the suitability of flying and landing conditions and all other matters relating to the operation or the aircraft. (b) may vary the proposed route or postpone or cancel any flight; and (c) refuse to carry or continue to carry any of the charterers passengers who or charterers freight that might endanger the safety of the aircraft or persons on board.

To make a booking or reservation, Passenger must complete, sign and submit the Tour Booking Form, which must be accompanied by payment of a 20% deposit for the cost of a tour (including airfare). In the event any part of the fee is not paid in the time required, the provision of these services may be immediate suspended and any amount already paid will be forfeited. The balance of the cost of a tour (including airfare) for each Passenger must be paid not less than 7 days prior to the departure date.


It is strongly recommended that when booking the Passenger considers travel and baggage insurance which can cover some travel-related risks. It is essential that Wagga Air Centre is informed of a contact telephone number or address where the Passenger can be reached immediately prior to departure. The Passenger acknowledges having read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions of carriage contained herein and agrees to be bound thereby.

Unless otherwise authorised by Wagga Air Centre, payment shall be made prior to the flight departing. If you have to cancel a flight subsequent to booking confirmation, the following scale of charges will apply:

  • 7 days prior to departure – 30% of full fare

  • Less than 72 hours prior to departure – 60% of full fare

  • Less than 48 hours prior to departure – 80% of full fare

  • Less than 36 hours prior to departure – 100% of full fare


Refunds are not available for any services provided by Wagga Air Centre or by any third party but not utilised by the Passenger.

Wagga Air Centre reserves the right at any time to cancel or withdraw a flight, tour, charter or reservation made by or on behalf of the Passenger in which event, save for any refund of moneys paid by the Passenger, Wagga Air Centre shall not be liable for any loss or damage in respect of such cancellation or withdrawal.


Wagga Air Centre may use photograph taken by its staff for various promotional purpose such as advertising on its website. The passenger hereby acknowledges and consents to their images being used for its sole purpose. Additionally, we may collect the passenger’s personal information and by submitting a Tour Booking Form, the passenger consents to our company collecting that information and to being added to our mailing list in order to notify the passenger of forthcoming tours and activities and the purpose of future promotions. We respect a passenger’s privacy, and will not share their personal information with any third party.

The company will act as your agent and introduce you to the transport options, accommodation suppliers and the like who may provide you with the services and facilities referred to in the itinerary applicable to our tours.

All prices and itineraries quoted on our website are subject to alteration at the absolute discretion of the company. We will make every effort to follow the itinerary however on some occasions, it may be necessary for the itinerary to be amended due to operational requirements, weather conditions or any other factor that adversely affects the operation. The company reserves the right to make such amendments to the itinerary which will always be in the interests of your comfort and safety.

Also, we reserve the right to cancel any tour if the minimum number is not reached; after consultation with the clients we may transfer them to another departure with similar inclusions.


Baggage allowance per passenger is strictly controlled for your safety and legal reasons. Generally, baggage must be soft squishable bags, not rigid suitcases or framed trolley bags. Under no circumstances must the passenger carry in checked baggage or on board with any dangerous or prohibited items (as those terms are defined by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority). When the aircraft is fully occupied, each passenger may carry no more than 5 - 10 Kg baggage (briefcase / laptop / camera bag / normal sized handbag or similar).

In addition, all aircraft have operating weight limitations and this enables the flight crew to ensure the aircraft is loaded within these limitations and appropriate fuel loads are carried. If accurate passenger weights are not supplied prior to the flight, passengers or baggage may have to be left behind at the flight crew’s discretion.



Sometimes the aircraft may have to stop for fuel enroute. This would generally add about 30 minutes to the trip, however is a good opportunity to get out and stretch your legs.

If the aircraft is heavily loaded, more fuel stops may required than if a lighter load was carried.


In light aircraft, baggage space is usually very limited. Normally we recommend 1 soft bag up to 10 kgs per passenger unless otherwise specified. Soft bags are ideal as they will fit more easily into the small cargo holds in the aircraft.

Smoking is NOT permitted on the aircraft or anywhere near the aircraft or terminal buildings.


Dangerous goods (such as aerosols, paint, matches, gas stoves, firearms/ammunition etc ) are normally not permitted onboard aircraft and must be declared to your flight crew prior to loading/boarding to ensure the safety of your flight.



We highly recommend you to purchase travel insurance to cover you against such things as illness, accident, cancellation or lose and damage you your baggage etc. However it is essential for us to strictly enforce cancellation policies as the reservations we make on clients’ behalf are subject to onerous cancellation fees.

Except as provided in this agreement and in any law which cannot lawfully be excluded or modified by agreement, all express and implied terms, conditions and warrantees which otherwise might apply to or arise out of this agreement are excluded and Wagga Air Centre has no further liability to any party whatsoever.

The liability of Wagga Air Centre for negligence, a breach of any duty or obligation pursuant to stature or otherwise, a breach of an terms conditions or warranties implied under any kw which cannot lawfully be excluded or modified by agreement is limited to any one or more of the follow, as determined by Wagga Air Centre in its absolute discretion: (a) to the supplying of these services again; or (b) the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

The following rules apply unless the context required otherwise: (a) the word ‘shall is to be construed as inferring an obligation (not merely a present intention of future conduct) on the part of the person to whom it relates in the context in which it is used. (b) the singular includes the plural and the converse applies; (c) where a word of phrase is defined, its other grammatical forms have a corresponding meaning; (d) a reference to a clause is reference to a clause of this agreement; (e) a reference to a party to this agreement or any other agreement or document includes that party’s legal successors and permitted assigns.


Any physical, medical, mental or emotional disability, or special needs or dietary requirements of a passenger that may require special handling or consideration, must be notified by the passenger in writing when a booking or reservation is made.

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