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Flying through time...

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Aviation seems to have its own lingo, but how has this lingo evolved since the early beginnings of flight?

Loving all things flying as we do...we've dug up an Aviation Dictionary from a 1929 monthly Flying Manual, a series of publications that inspired a great many men and women in our early days of aviation.

Flying Manual, 1929 edition, was originally published by Modern Mechanics and Inventions. A Monthly Magazine of Science and Invention, Fawcett Publications Inc.

It highlights phrases and terminology that were common in back in 1929. We love that 'Pilots' were referred to as 'Aviators', during that time. Very pioneering!

So what other terms have changed since this magazine was published 89 years ago?

Well, we present to you the Aviation Dictionary from 1929...

If you're inspired to become an 'Aviator' and learn some more lingo...

contact us on 02 6922 7122 or visit our website to learn more.

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