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Want to learn to fly?

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Have you ever thought about learning to fly? Thought about a career in the industry or just for leisure? Not sure where to start, or what's involved? Chat to us, we're here to help!

Many people dream of becoming a pilot when they are young, but few actually follow through and learn to fly.

There's no greater feeling than the rush you feel when you're airborne and in control of an aircraft. Initially the prospect of learning to fly may seem a little daunting, beyond your reach even, but with professional and caring instructors and a 'can do' mindset, you too could be flying the skies!

So where do you start?

We recommend you begin with a Trial Introductory Flight. A Trial Introductory Flight (commonly called TIFs) are designed to introduce you into the world of flying. You don't require any previous flying experience, there's no assumed knowledge and they're absolutely obligation free.

A Trial Introductory Flight is a great gift idea for someone that has always wanted to fly.

You begin with an overview of the basic principals of flight, before heading to the aircraft to get up close and personal. Prior to your flight you will be shown how to 'pre-flight' an aircraft and understand the importance of this procedure.

Now the fun really begins! It's time to fly!

You get hands on flying experience...your instructor will demonstrate and talk you through the effects of the controls on the aircraft and other various basic manoeuvres. Then, when you are feeling comfortable your instructor will hand over the controls and supervise you while you give it a try.

This is when most people feel the aviation bug bite!

Once you are safely on the ground again, with the aircraft parked, you have the opportunity to ask more questions in your debriefing session and then take some photos of your memorable event.

Whether you’re an aspiring pilot or aviation enthusiast, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Contact us on 02 6922 7122 to learn more or to book a Trial Introductory Flight.

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