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Who is Mungo Man?

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Remember hearing about Mungo Man but not sure what it was all about? Well, read on...

Lake Mungo, which dried up about 15,000 years ago is a stunning semi-arid landscape in South-West New South Wales. It is also where the skeletal remains of Australia's oldest and most complete human were unearthed in 1974. These remains date back some 42,000 years and make them the oldest human remains in Australia, and some of the oldest modern humans in the world outside Africa.

Scientific evidence shows that Aboriginal people have lived at Lake Mungo for at least 45,000 years and the discovery of Mungo Man has uncovered a sophisticated, ancient culture which appears far more complex than archaeologists across the world had previously thought for the time.

The lunettes at Lake Mungo are the treasure troves that house most of the archaeological artefacts that the Willandra people left behind. Preserved through layers of windblown sediments and a dry, stable environment Lake Mungo has become a window into ancient Australia. Buried in thick layers of sand and clay are the tell-tale signs of how the climate, waters and land forms have changed over the last 100,000 years and how the Willandra people related to the local environment as it changed around them.

Feel the spiritual atmosphere of Lake Mungo and observe the vast, desert landscape, dunes and ridges that make it look like a moonscape rather than part of a dry lake system.

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